Synthetic Turf in Encinitas

Welcome to Endless Summer Hardscapes, where we offer fast and quality synthetic turf design and installation services. Young and dynamic, our team will meet your expectations. Our competitive prices make us a natural choice for the execution of your synthetic turf project. You can rest assured that our quote service allows us to accurately estimate the total cost of your project with no surprises at the end of the work.

We take the time to advise you and come up with the best quality and price ratio on the market for the purchase of your materials. Our professionalism, skill, and know-how will ensure that you’re a satisfied customer.

What Makes Us the Region’s Preferred Artificial Grass Suppliers?

We’re artificial grass suppliers who stock premium products with a realistic appearance and all the attributes you want in a long-lasting lawn requiring minimal maintenance. You’ll find everything you need to create the ideal outdoor space here. From perfect pitching mounds to putting greens, soccer turf, and everything in between, we have the fake grass products you require to create recreational spaces to suit any purpose.

We also stock decorative grasses in varying lengths, thicknesses, and colors to help you create a bespoke landscape that matches your lifestyle. Whether you want to build a dog run that’s easy to clean and maintain, create a picturesque garden landscape, or outfit a play area with soft synthetic grass solutions, you’ll find the grass you need to complete your project here.

We know that quality, longevity, and affordability are top of mind when you’re choosing grass products to complement your residential property. Let our turf specialists guide the way to cost savings and satisfaction with a lush, luxurious lawn that mirrors your preferences. Reach out to our team to book a risk-free initial consultation to learn more about the benefits of each of our artificial grass products.

We Supply Turf Systems for Every Outdoor Application

We stock the best turf systems for any application, including:

  • Putting greens
  • Soccer fields
  • Football fields
  • Baseball fields
  • Dog runs
  • Front lawns
  • Backyards
  • Playgrounds
  • …and much more!

Artificial Grass, Your Encinitas Year-Round Solution

Synthetic turf is an effective and durable flooring solution for landscaping your garden or terrace. Synthetic turf is effective all year round, during winter, summer, spring and fall. The artificial turf, installed by our team, is of high quality and requires no maintenance. It is very economical in the long run due to the fact that it requires no maintenance. You’ll no longer have to spend the time and money that it takes to maintain a natural grass lawn. Furthermore, it gives an incomparable look to your natural landscaping.

Professional Encinitas Artificial Grass Installation

Endless Summer Hardscapes is the undisputed master in the art of combining natural flora and artificial grass to make the most out of your landscape. Our technicians have developed proven techniques and a professional approach to ensure a flawless installation. They put their skills and know-how at your disposal to meet all your requirements. Take advantage of our technical advice and post-installation follow-up service. We will ensure that your artificial grass will last a long time and will require little to no maintenance. Installing synthetic turf on small surfaces such as a terrace, a courtyard or a balcony does not pose any great difficulty. Our professional team will have it done in no time. If your space is an odd shape, that is no problem. We are able to cut our synthetic turf to size on the spot with a simple on-site cutter.

Why It Pays to Work with Our Synthetic Grass Installers

Our synthetic grass installers know that using tried and true installation methods and following industry best practices are the keys to creating a turf system that stands the test of time. We’re also well-versed in the site preparation strategies that yield a superior synthetic yard.

Here’s an overview of what makes our technicians so good at what we do:

Cutting Artificial Turf

Our professionals use precision tools and techniques to ensure clean, accurate cuts when cutting artificial turf. This is crucial for achieving a seamless look, especially around edges, corners, and curves. We measure meticulously and cut with expert care to ensure each piece of turf aligns perfectly with your space’s unique dimensions.

Pinning Artificial Grass to Soil

Securing the artificial grass in the soil is a critical step. Our team uses durable, specially designed pins or nails to anchor the turf firmly to the ground. This prevents shifting or wrinkling of the turf over time and ensures it remains taut and aesthetically pleasing.

Gluing Artificial Grass to Concrete

We use a high-quality, weather-resistant adhesive when installing artificial grass on concrete surfaces. Our technicians apply the glue evenly and securely, ensuring your turf adheres well to the concrete without lifting any edges. Doing this provides a long-lasting, durable bond.

Seaming Artificial Turf

The art of seaming artificial turf is another area where our expertise shines. We ensure the seams between different pieces of turf are virtually invisible, using advanced seaming techniques and adhesives. Our skilled technicians align each section to create a consistent appearance and texture across your entire lawn.

Artificial Lawn COMPANY in Encinitas

Whether it’s for a pragmatic concept or a decorative project, our designers will decorate your green spaces with style while adding a unique and refined touch. Take advantage of the expert advice of our outdoor architects who will be able to offer you the best landscaping solutions. Our team is flexible and attentive to your needs. You can trust our experienced team who have been working in the field for many years, offering a product and service of superior quality. We always take the time to advise and offer you the best options and solutions available to you for your complete satisfaction. We will take the time to install your artificial lawn in a professional and appropriate manner and always clean the premises at the end of our work. Call us today to find out more!